Al Shoula Group was founded in 1970 about the end of series of wars in the region of the Middle East, which at that time was in a necessity for development especially in construction, agriculture, communications and substructure in general.

Al Shoula Group started its business aiming in the beginning of the development of Saudi Arabia, started with a small office in the city of construction and successfully executed many schemes. This promising start encouraged the group to expand its business so as to include but not limited to the following kind of business:

  • Al Shoula shopping malls which were the first of a kind started in Riyadh and now having many branches in several cities in the Kingdom;
  • Land development, Al Shoulah group entered into different agreements with international companies to develop real state projects comprising high rise buildings consist of residential, shopping centers, offices, hotels, etc as example SAMA Dubai and Aloula companies.
  • Al Shoula group formed several strong consortiums with well known international companies having a very good reputation to execute railway projects inside the kingdom and worldwide.
  • Al Shoula group involved in the field of Oil and gas by forming it’s subsidiary company “Dhahran Global for Oil & Gas” located in Easter Province.
  • Nowadays Al Shoula group is planning to build a large and huge Residential and commercial compounds in many cities in the kingdom similar to “ Telal Jeddah” which was executed on an area of 2286 hectares in the city of Jeddah with a cost of 42 billion Saudi Riyals.
Al Shoula group has alliances with major international entities to expand its area of business to include the Gulf area and other foreign countries having its business in many fields like construction, land development, power, telecommunications, agricultural, environmental services and oil & gas etc.

Al Shoula group plans in the near future is to become a Prominent and reputable holding company with many subsidiaries specialized in the areas of business mentioned hereinbefore and increasingly.

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